Transforming the world we live in

Our story is a remarkable one. What began life as a small team in rural England over 75 years ago is today an international business operating across Europe and the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

We are experts in Architecture, Interior Design, Branded Environments; Masterplanning and Landscape Architecture. 

We apply technical knowhow, and an understanding of global trends, local cultures and client needs to create memorable destinations that inspire and engage. And with a focus on agile, flexible, and experiential design, we tailor our thinking to the needs of the people who live in, work in, and use the destinations we create.

Globally, we are united by a common vision to transform the world. This is underpinned by our guiding principles of creativity, innovation, collaboration, integrity and excellence — behaviours that we value in everything we do and in everyone we work with.

Unconstrained by sectoral parameters, building formats, head office agendas or egos, we focus on agile, flexible, and experiential design. Design that is tailored to the needs of the people who live in, work in, and use the destinations we create.

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Design as a force for good

Across the organisation, we retain an unwavering belief in design as a force for good. Design that is tailored to the needs of those who live in, work in and use the destinations we create. 

We care about the people and places we design for, and want to help shape sustainable urban environments for future generations. We believe that doing things in the right way and staying true to our values is good for our clients, our staff, our communities and the planet. 

To this end, we assess our work against the following criteria and commitments:

Economic prosperity
Through our strong retail heritage, we’ve become experts in optimising the profitability of space. Across our portfolio, we create wealth and commercial value from generating profit for our clients to stimulating employment opportunities and attracting external investment.

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Social wellbeing
In our design work we aim to meet the needs and aspirations of local people. We positively impact individuals and communities by improving social spaces, places and facilities and enhancing sense of place and belonging.

Sustainable development

We engage with the principles of environmental design and smart’ urban development. We’re committed to minimising our footprint and promoting sustainability by increasing greenspace and landscaped areas, using eco-friendly materials and methods and ensuring long-term project value and durability.

In everything we do, our goal is to push our people and clients to engage with these criteria. In this way, we maximise the value of our work for multiple stakeholders.

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Interconnectedness, collaboration and cultural insight

Through our devolved global structure, we draw on experiences from around the world, with the agility to pursue new ventures and grow our network. 

Autonomous and distinct, our global offices are free to innovate as they see fit to meet the needs of clients. Their local insight and knowledge shapes our understanding of project requirements, as we immerse ourselves in the cultures of the locations in which we operate.

While we view the world and the built environment from multiple perspectives, our studios and our people are wholly connected and interdependent. Encompassing 33 different nationalities and diverse market environments, our international workforce enables us to share ideas and co-create across borders, sectors, specialisms, and time-zones. 

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From the Shires to Shanghai – a journey of innovation and expansion

Benoy began in 1947 as a three-man architect firm designing cowsheds in rural Nottinghamshire. Over the last 75 years we have grown rapidly, but we have always remained true to our business roots and family mindset. Since the very beginning, we have retained a strong belief in the importance of intimacy, honesty and dedication in our work and client relationships.

Our long history of family ownership has provided financial reassurance, business continuity and stability. It has also created firm foundations from which to promote British design as we expand into new territories. 

And now, as an established international brand, our portfolio includes Alibaba HQ in China, ICONSIAM in Thailand, Project Solitaire in Saudi Arabia, Del Mar Residences in Cyprus and Royalmount in Canada, we continue to innovate and evolve. From the Shires to Shanghai, we have come a long way, but we have not forgotten who we are.

Our Team



1 Graham Cartledge
Graham Cartledge CBE
LB web
Laura Barnes
Chief Marketing Officer
6 Simon Bee
Simon Bee
Design Consultant
Rob B web
Robert Bentley
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Sara Botey
Design Director
Nick Chan
Commercial Manager APAC
Kali Chan
Design Director
Graeme 4
Graeme Crow
Senior Associate Director
13 John Dawes
John Dawes
Frank Di Niro v3
Frank Di Niro
Design Director
James Dixon headshot black and white
James Dixon
Peter Farmer landscape BW
Peter Farmer
Director, Aviation
Jon Grant headshot v1
Jon Grant
Director, Interior Design
Gregory Kovacs
Design Director
Azaria Lee
Azaria Lee
Project Director
Paola Marques v1
Paola Marques
Head of North America
Neil Morling
Chief Finance Officer
19 Qin Pang
Qin Pang
Director, Head of Shanghai Studio
Toby headshot v5
Toby Orsborn
Commercial Manager EMEA
Angus Palmer
Director, Landscape Architecture
Mark Priskv2
Mark Prisk
Strategic Advisor to the Board
Terence Seah
Director, Head of Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen
Steve Sutton v3
Steve Sutton
Design Director
Wei Tang people
Wei Tang
Project Director, Shanghai Studio
Teri Tsang
Director, Hong Kong Studio Lead
28 Amy Cartledge
Amy Thornton
Chief Operations Officer
Mike website
Mike Wilson-MacCormack
Director, Head of Newark Studio
Yejia Zhu
Project Director, Shanghai Studio
Leon Zhang
Project Director, Shanghai Studio
Rayvees Goh
Rayvees Goh
Director, Landscape Architecture
Lawrence Ler P2 BW 1200x900
Lawrence Ler
Project Director

For new business enquiries, please contact:

29 Emi Wang
Emi Wang
China region
31 Komal Datta
Komal Datta
Nina Noor
Nina Noor
South East Asia
Bess Liscio 1200x900 BW
Bess Liscio
Senior Associate Director - North America