Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Reinventing retail as a vibrant urban district promoting social interaction and creating a landmark destination


Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape design, Interior design


Mixed use, retail


Al-Marqab Investment Company


65 000sqm GLA


Benoy were asked to develop a compelling and robust design strategy for an urban retail district, in keeping with Riyadh’s aspiration to promote sustainable developments. Breaking down the traditional form of a shopping mall and reinventing it as partially open-air retail streets, plazas, boutique streets and an elevated roof garden. The sustainable design strategy includes a series of wind towers aiming to create a comfortable outdoor environment by using passive cooling technology.


The vision is based on the crystalline forms of a geode; this unique geometry inspired our design and informed the building’s facades, internal finishes and landscape. The diverse programmatic mix is arranged across three levels to create interconnected spaces to engage its users and promote wellbeing. The high quality public realm is the soul of the Solitaire; enticing landscape, water bodies and respite areas are created for the comfort of visitors, to enhance their physical experience.


An innovative design solution creating unique identity and sense of place’- a retail scheme with a series of memorable, interactive spaces and a flexible development framework, adaptable and responding to market changes.

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BENOY Solitaire CGI04 08 updated render 25 11 20
11607 N10 hd
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BENOY Solitaire CGI04 08 updated render 25 11 20
11607 N10 hd
11607 N8 hd