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Del Mar Residences
Limassol, Cyprus

Beautiful living spaces overlooking the coast of Limassol


Architecture, Interior Architecture, Masterplanning


Mixed-use, residential, waterfront


Leptos Estates, Zavos Group


Cyprus’ rich history collides with contemporary lifestyles in Limassol, the country’s fascinating coastal city. Our client wanted to offer its residents and frequent visitors a unique living opportunity, and our aim was to incorporate premium homes within a mixed-use, modern environment, whilst celebrating the stunning beachside.


Situated on the edge of Limassol’s crystal waters, we developed a curved façade with glass tiers, creating a ripple effect that complements the setting. Two structures of different heights present clean, natural aesthetics, offering both luxury residence and lifestyle facilities.


Del Mar Residences provide stunning homes for the local community and beyond. With its extraordinary location, many apartments have panoramic views of the ocean, and the development includes a spa, garden and swimming pools. Del Mar also has its very own selection of boutique stores and fine restaurants, inspiring its residents every day.

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