18 April 2019

Leading developer COFCO rebrands as Grand Joy Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

COFCO Property (Group) Co. Ltd officially announced that it would change its name to Grand Joy Holdings Group Co., Ltd. The re-brand was announced soon after COFCO Real Estate completed acquisition of Joy City Property. The leading developer invited VIP guests and media to a special event recently to celebrate the launch. Benoy’s Director and Head of Shanghai studio Qin Pang was invited to attend.

The new logo for Grand Joy represents the rising sun on the city horizon in the O”. It also inherits COFCO’s orange and Joy City orange-red colors, and matches them with warm gray to convey the concepts of; Warmth of Sunshine”, Steadiness of the Earth” and Quality of Life”.

Benoy has worked with COFCO three significant projects including Hangzhou Joy City, Suzhou Joy Breeze, Wuhan Joy City.

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