Tribeca Central

Creating an urban mixed-use international district


Architecture, Interior Design, Masterplanning




150,000 sqm


Benoy was asked to create a vision for a new and vibrant commercial district consisting of retail, F&B and leisure anchored by two iconic office and hotel towers. The brief for phase one was to develop a design that builds on the latest commercial trends and embraces an international look and feel. The Phase 1 development will be the catalyst for future growth in the wider development, whilst setting a standard for the language of architecture and quality of public spaces throughout. In turn, this will serve as a model for the future expansion of the central business district programmes on the site.


Our response focused on creating a commercial district with a legible hierarchy of spaces, clustered around open streets and urban squares that are almost civic in scale. All blended with a mix of uses to bring the pedestrian-only streets to life, and create an exciting and vibrant destination, focussed around retail, leisure and hospitality. A continuous series of internal and external experiences, connected by a landscaped public realm, where shaded plazas and a mix of tight tree lined streets and alleys host a great variety of outdoor events, festivals and concerts.


Project under development.

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Tribeca Central on site

Benoy project Mauritius Trianon City
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