Tashkent Premium Residential
Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Redefining luxury living in Tashkent


Masterplanning, Architecture


Residential, Mixed-use, Retail


140,000 m2


Tashkent is a city susceptible to extreme climatic variations and earthquakes, and when it comes to luxury living, demand is high. The challenge was to provide a bold offering of high-end, sustainable residential apartments that exceed people’s expectations (particularly those with an ever-increasing apprehension about tall structures) and maintain desirability to a wide range of individuals.


Tashkent Premium Residential was conceived as a series of organic forms snaking over and around a landscaped plinth to form an inner private park and gardens. Each inner unit benefits from views of the park, and outer facing apartments have views across the city. Creating a world-class destination for residential and retail, the development also extends the city-wide landscape. 


Project in development.

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