Site 3 Central Harbourfront
Hong Kong, China

Shaping a new central destination for Hong Kong


Masterplanning, Urban Design and Landscape Design


Masterplanning, Mixed-use, Retail + Leisure, Workplace




Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront is a globally significant site. With the pending sale and redevelopment of key plots proposed by the government, debate has begun on how to maximise the potential of this iconic waterfront. To spark conversation, we created a series of design concepts for one of these plots, Site 3, to visualise how this world-class harbourfront could look and function in the future.


Our designs for Site 3 present different thematic concepts tied together in an imagined Urban Forest’ that push the planning brief to its full potential. These concepts offer an early representation of how Site 3 might be transformed to become a new fully accessible waterfront destination and an attractive public place that is also commercially viable.


Conceptual design only.

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