Peach Place Redevelopment
Wokingham, UK

Innovative regeneration in a historic town centre






6,500 m2


Wokingham’s rich heritage, quaint nature reserves and peaceful living environment make it a popular place to live. With the centre of the town in need of a major modernisation, we won a local authority competition to transform a tired and outdated structure and unsightly backland in the heart of the conservation area opposite the town hall.


Our proposal created a grand new public square reinforcing the civic heart of the scheme and its position within the town, surrounded by new retail, restaurants and recently developed residential apartments and townhouses. An elegant new streetscape linking into the square displays the scale and materials derived from a detailed analysis and interpretation of Wokingham’s historic architecture.


The project was awarded the Royal Town Planning Institute’s award for Excellence in Planning a Sustainable Economy in April 2020. 

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