Hanoi Mall
Hanoi, Vietnam




Mixed-use, Retail, Hotel, Office, Serviced-apartment




239,600 sqm


The client approached us to re-design a new scheme based on the existing structure. The mixed-use complex is designed based on a previous scheme that had begun construction. This strategy has greatly reduced construction waste.

The Hanoi Mall is located in the Tay Ho district of Hanoi. It is an important large scale mixed-use development that is in close proximity to the future Ciputra” residential complex development on the west of the site, and eco leisure area that is adjacent to the West Lake in the east of the site.


The Hanoi Mall mixed-use development consists of two office towers, one hotel tower, one serviced residence tower, and a five-story high retail podium. The design brings a compelling identity and local narrative while creating a distinctive destination within Hanoi to maximize footfall, using the 2nd Ring Road location to forge an iconic landmark. The retail podium closely integrates the inside and outside, generating a smooth transition between both spaces. Benoy’s design thoughtfully accounts for the local climate and culture, allowing the development to maximize day and night environments while responding to the latest retail trends.

The project is situated along Hanoi’s main vehicular road — the second ring road, which is the main highway that leads to the airport. The Hanoi Mall would be the first major commercial icons visitors would see coming into Hanoi. When passing through the iconic West lake, the development will appear as a point of destination, as it will become a landmark that embodies the French influence of Vietnam’s past and the contemporary future that Hanoi will become.

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