L+ Mall
Shanghai, China

A new hub for the Shanghai’s financial centre


Experiential Design, Interior Design and Wayfinding


Retail + Leisure


Lujiazui Properties




Set in a prime location of the Lujiazui CBD, the L+ Mall is surrounded by 44 office buildings, including the Shanghai Tower and the World Financial Centre. Our brief was to provide the space with striking interiors that appeal to the mall’s target market of quality-conscious consumers.


Benoy designed a mesmerising skylight above the main arcade that aims to resemble the night sky. Coupled with pastel façades and fluid light bands, a strong visual motif takes visitors on a journey through the space. In view of the mall’s unusual vertical height, Benoy designed a mid-air stage” by adding an extra floor on the fourth level, solving space constraints in the building.


Of the 35 shopping centres that opened across the city in 2018, L+ Mall is the only one located in the CBD, signalling its importance. Home to almost 600 brands, the space also brings together a diverse variety of uses, from restaurants, leisure and entertainment to art spaces. The China flagship store of Galeries Lafayette at the L+ Mall was also open in April 2019.

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