Hangzhou Tower 501 Plaza
Hangzhou, China

Styling new shapes for Hangzhou’s commercial district


Experiential Design, Interior Design and Wayfinding


Retail + Leisure


Hangzhou Tower, Greentown and Jiebai Group




Hundreds of thousands of people move through Hangzhou Tower’s offices and residences every day. To contribute to the city’s new commercial district, our client needed a contemporary retail offering. We had to design a diverse shopping experience, balancing function with aesthetics across the lower six storeys.


Enhancing the impressive and vast interior space, we used various scales and materials to integrate boxes and frame designs throughout. Glass shelving, reflective stainless-steel and vibrant open areas form the unique box within a box’ retail experience.


A luxurious mixture of retail, food and beverage, entertainment and lifestyle, Hangzhou Tower 501 Plaza presents all of its offerings through a fun, contemporary and visually rich design. With showcase and gallery spaces located throughout the mall, such as the main glass atrium displaying a wealth of merchandise, Hangzhou Tower provides a new form of exploration for shoppers.

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Hangzhou Tower 501 Plaza Hangzhou China Credit Benoy 10
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