Guohua International Plaza
Shanghai, China

Offering Shanghai a new, unique and experiential shopping centre


Experiential Design, Interior Design and Wayfinding


Retail + Leisure


Shanghai Ganshang Real Estate Co.,Ltd


50,000 m2


Benoy was commissioned to design one of the retail complexes within the client’s mixed-use portfolio, which covers 50,000sqm of space over 4 levels of retail. This is one of the earliest malls to be completed in this new area, with target completion by mid-2018.


The project is located at the heart of the revitalized business district of​“Wujiaochang”, one of the four sub-city centres of Shanghai. Benoy applied a multiplicity of visual contrasts by focusing on the passage of time and the interactions between contrasting elements — the past and the future, old and the new, natural and industrial, raw and refined — forming a unique style of interior design that comes together harmoniously. 


Serving the local community, the 4‑level retail complex acts as an anchor of the mixed-use development and integrates local culture, green features and spaces along with a wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities, offering a modern and innovative community hub tailored to users’ lifestyle needs.

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