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Elements Mall
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Diversifying Kowloon’s transport services


Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Masterplanning


Masterplanning, Retail, Transport Orientated Development


MTR Corporation Ltd




MTR is the lifeblood of Hong Kong, transporting millions of people every hour. Commuters and visitors to Kowloon, one of Hong Kong’s busiest districts, needed advanced connectivity and commercial offerings. Our task was to develop a modern retail space above Kowloon MTR, linking to Central and the International Airport.


Benoy designed a thriving retail hub, serving the airport check-in and 17 residential towers surrounding the development. We introduced zones that group around Kowloon station, linked by a complete retail loop to allow effective orientation and crowd flow.


Elements Mall is a distinctive retail space. Taking inspiration from ancient Chinese symbols and Earth’s nature, the artistic and modern aesthetics outline a broad range of facilities. Serving the retail core of the ICC, one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, Elements Mall also boasts a rooftop with open plaza, landscaped gardens and a children’s adventure park.

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