Ciputra Artpreneur 7

Ciputra Artpreneur
Jakarta, Indonesia

Capturing art, stimulating creativity


Experiential Design, Interior Design and Wayfinding


Civic + Culture + Education, Retail + Leisure


PT Ciputra Adigraha




Our client’s vison was to create a leading exhibition and creative complex to bolster Indonesia’s already flourishing arts scene. It needed to be flexible to showcase a diverse range of art pieces, and artists needed to feel at home in the space and creatively motivated. 


To ensure flexibility, we integrated interchanging walls, which enable exhibitors to house different sized shows. We also made use of numerous forms of lighting, both natural and artificial, to create a visually stimulating creative space. 


Boasting a 1,200-seat auditorium that hosts major operas and concerts, artist working spaces, a large gallery and relaxation areas, Ciputra Artpreneur is an all-encompassing space for Jakarta’s arts sector and the country’s first international-standard theatre. The whole structure is climatically controlled, providing the ideal conditions for artists to work. It is an enduringly contemporary creative hub. 

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