Al Bujairi
Riyadh, KSA

A vibrant mixed-use retail and f&b destination for Riyadh




15 000 sq m


The Al Bujairi site is set in a unique location, adjacent to the UNESCO world heritage site of At-Turaif. This location provided the team with an exciting challenge to develop a modern global destination, whilst respecting the local Arabic culture. The team had to ensure the project delivered a world class mix of uses for both the residents and visitors of Riyadh.


Benoy’s design for the project follows authentic Najdi-style architecture and delivers a mixed-use retail and F&B led destination, with Culture at its heart. At the core of any successful urban district is a holistic approach to the organisation of the site, architectural character and commercial content: The new development is envisaged as a vibrant mix of F&B, culture, leisure and entertainment programme supporting social interchange, creating a landmark destination and an unforgettable experience for the visitors. The scheme comprises over 27 F&B units set in a lush landscape, providing both an indoor and outdoor dining experience. An additional leisure and entertainment programme with outdoor cinema, FEC, Spa, two galleries, cultural centre and associated public facilities are forming part of the overall Al Bujairi experience


Project opened in 2023

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