01 March 2024

Benoy Team Achieves WELL 2.0 Certifications: Pioneering Health and Wellness in Design

We are excited to announce that Terence Seah, Asep Ajabar, Samuele Martelli, Faith Zhao, and Nutcha Somboonthanasarn from the Benoy team have successfully achieved the WELL 2.0 certification. 

This milestone underlines our commitment to integrating health and wellness into our stunning designs, emphasizing our role in enhancing human well-being through innovative interior designs. Achieving WELL certification demonstrates our pledge to lead in the built environment, marrying aesthetic appeal with health-focused design principles.

We’re thrilled to announce more of our team members are on their path to WELL certification, further embedding health-conscious, sustainable practices into our architecture and interior designs.

Our WELL 2.0 certified professionals enable us to forge ahead with cutting-edge solutions that champion well-being and meet stringent sustainability criteria. This expertise allows us to elevate project quality, create a more productive environment, and deliver exceptional value to our clients and the broader community.

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