11 October 2023

Benoy Projects Shortlisted at WAN Awards 2023

We are thrilled to announce that two of Benoy’s projects have been selected as finalists in the respective categories for the WAN Awards 2023. These remarkable projects are:

• The 6th Department Store Urban Renewal, Shanghai, China — Future Projects — Public Realm category

• Shanghai Golden Bun Masterplan, Shanghai, China — Future Projects – Master Planning category

Now in its 16th edition, the WAN Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of innovative, visionary and imaginative architects from around the world. This year, the awards have shortlisted 102 projects across 29 categories, all vying for the prestigious top honours. The winners will be revealed on 15 – 16 November 2023. 

To explore the complete shortlist, please visit here.

The 6th Department Store Urban Renewal

The project is located in Shanghai’s core business area, at a pivotal junction of major city roads. Its design seamlessly connects the underground levels of two department stores, providing easy access to three subway lines. Additionally, it serves to integrate the upper floors of the buildings. Externally, it boasts an urban public bridge, while internally, it functions as an urban public living room, providing a dynamic retail space for leisure and entertainment.

By creating a flexible spatial framework, this renovation and transformation project accommodates future business requirements while incorporating captivating spatial sequences that reflect local cultural norms. The light and breathable façade blurs the line between commercial space and the city, symbolizing the dynamic and endless flow of the metropolis. It enhances the cohesion of the core business elements in the district. This design approach further accentuates the cohesion of the core business elements in the district.

Shanghai Golden Bund Masterplan

This masterplan is guided by the programs of International Digital Capital” under the framework of Shanghai’s urban planning and combined with the programs of the head design colleges that are expected to settle in Jintan. We hope to build the project into a Digital Jintan · Fashionable Cloud Bank.” In terms of industrial function layout, the project has formed three major functional blocks: choose operation position,” global voice platform,” and super incubation base.”

At the same time, the plan takes one belt, one axis, and three areas” as the leading planning and layout structure. It interprets the unique connotation of the name Jintan” through four strategies: super integration, hyperlink, super dialogue, and super ecology. Super integration emphasizes highly mixed functional formats; hyperlink emphasizes multiple links from transportation to industry; super dialogue communicates century-old ship culture and digital fashion life; super ecology features zero-carbon” ecological technology and digital circular fashion.

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