08 September 2023

Benoy Shanghai collaborates with ULI China to showcase MOHO Project

Exploring the MOHO Project: A Collaborative Tour

The Benoy Shanghai Team recently partnered with ULI China to host an exclusive tour for 40 guests to explore the innovative MOHO project. This collaboration not only shines a spotlight on the MOHO development but also showcased emerging design trends from Benoy’s Interior Design expertise.

Unveiling MOHO

As one of Benoy’s latest Interior Design projects, MOHO officially opened its doors at the beginning of 2023, ushering in a new era of modern luxury and urban living. Spanning a total area of approximately 180,000 sqm, it includes a chic 80,000 square meter luxury shopping centre, 50,000 sqm of cutting-edge office space, and an additional 50,000 sqm of upscale hotel-style apartments. 

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Guiding the Tour

The event was kicked off by Joanna Chen, the Deputy General Manager of Hopson Commercial, General Manager of MOHO SHANGHAI. She presented insights into the developer’s and operator’s vision, outlining the project’s positioning and operational strategy.

Benoy’s interior design team, Associate Director Louise Ma, and Senior Project Coordinator, Super Zhang, conducted the tour. They were accompanied by Senior Marketing Manager of China, Yifan Huang, Head of Business Development of China, Emi Wang, and, Business Development Officer, Yiling Zhang, who provided additional insights into the project’s design details.

As MOHO’s interior designer, the Benoy Shanghai Team provided extensive interior design services and closely collaborated with the client in developing the project within Shanghai’s vibrant Jing’an District core business district. The design seamlessly integrates the cultural and historical aspects of old Jing’an with contemporary ecological design concepts.

A Futuristic Enclave: The 24-hour Oasis” Concept

In crafting this space, our focus lies on delivering a close-to-nature experience and creating distinctly memorable zones. MOHO stands as the premier high-end venture by the developer Hopson. To address the scarcity of retail landmarks in Shanghai’s core area, our interior design introduced the concept of a 24-hour oasis’, shaping a futuristic enclave within a city. Our design aims to position MOHO as an urban sanctuary that fulfils people’s yearning for a green, natural environment amidst the bustling cityscape.

Location and Identity

MOHO is located at the intersection of Jiangning Road, Changping Road, and Shaanxi North Road in the central area of Jing’an District, Shanghai. In contrast to the heavy luxury” identity of the nearby West Nanjing Road, MOHO positioned itself as trendy luxury” – serving as a hub for urban cultural trends and a pioneering force in competing with established commercial entities along Nanjing West Road in the heart of Jing’an, the birthplace of Shanghai-style culture.

Embracing Life More Extraordinary”

MOHO SHANGHAI, a new lifestyle project by Hopson Commercial Group, debuted on January 13, 2023. Classic Shanghai-style red brick tiles seamlessly blend with modern commercial architecture, imbuing MOHO with its iconic retro Shanghai culture. Every aspect, from design to brand layout, showcases a distinctive high-quality lifestyle.

Beginning with a commitment to a high-quality lifestyle, MOHO has meticulously curated a collection featuring upscale retail, global cuisine, and innovative lifestyles, effectively embodying the brand’s Life More Extraordinary” philosophy.

Shaping Urban Lifestyles

The tour guests were joined by developers, investors, consultants, and other industry professionals, all of whom were keen on the new concept of trendy luxury” for the retail and shopping center.

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