18 July 2023

Associate Director Oxana Boriak speaks to C‑Store News Canada about challenging predictable C‑store designs with new brand-to-launch KaleMart24.

KaleMart24 is a new natural convenience stores” concept by Oussama Soudi, CEO of sugar-free energy drink Toro Beverages. With KaleMart24, Soudi is determined to challenge the status quo of convenience stores’ long-standing association with on-the-go, junk” food choices, and instead, cater healthier offerings in a convenient, yet, modern and fun set up. 

Oxana Boriak, associate director at Benoy, is the lead designer responsible for the creative design direction of the project (KaleMart24). In conversation with Chris Daniels for C‑Store News Canada, Oxana shared great insights on how the interior design team at Benoy is disrupting the traditional c‑store floor plan and re-imagining a new experience for customers. 

Oxana commented on a design philosophy” she has observed as prevailing since the pandemic”, saying that the focus has been to maximise every physical inch and space opportunity to create a service and brand experience, and not just a transactional event, i.e., a sale/​purchase.” She added that “…a c‑store is essentially that, for convenience, but it does not mean the brand experience should be neglected. That brief moment of browsing for an on-the-go snack is an opportunity for the c‑store brand to create a lasting impression of a pleasant brand experience through nice décor, scent, music, and of course the reliability of carrying people’s favourite products, or (in the case of KaleMart24) becoming the store with healthier on-the-go snack choices (in an) environment that actually goes with that.”

The interview with Oxana is featured in the article INSIDE SCOOP. Retailers of all sizes are forgoing traditional c‑store layouts in favour of future-forward designs that speak to evolving categories and consumers” by Chris Daniels, for C‑Store News Canada magazine — July-August 2023 (pages 42 – 44).

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C-Store News Canada, July-August 2023
Feature Spread C Store News Canada Kale Mart24 INTVW Oxana Boriak