06 September 2022

Four Benoy projects shortlisted for World Interiors News (WIN) Award 2022

The World Interior News (WIN), has announced the shortlist for their 2022 awards. From transport and retail interior to lighting and furniture, the awards program highlights the most impactful design projects that push the boundaries of both innovative and imaginative.

Four Benoy projects from Singapore, Australia and China has been shortlisted to compete in the final round as the winner for their respective categories. 

The four shortlisted projects include: 

• Jewel VIP Lounge
– Transport hubs category

David Jones Elizabeth Street Flagship Store – Retail chain stores, department stores, supermarkets and show rooms category

Huafa Jinwan Mall – Retail chain stores, department stores, supermarkets and show rooms category

Seazen Suzhou Wuyue Plaza – Retail chain stores, department stores, supermarkets and show rooms category

As a finalist in the competition, Benoy will present the project live during the World Interior News awards ceremony on 15th November 2022 to an international panel of renowned designers and architects. You can find out more about the awards and view the full shortlist for 2022 here.

Jewel VIP Lounge

Located within Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, the design brief for Jewel VIP Lounge was to provide an exclusive and luxurious lounge in Jewel that offers a differentiated and unique experience for an exclusive group of guests such as government ministers and high-net-worth individuals. The lounge also serves as a platform to cross-promote Jewel tenants and sponsors.

Inspired from a ravine, a crack on Earth’s surface, the main body of the space is clad with monolithic natural materials such as wood and unique stones. Being a small space of 145 m², Benoy focused on exceptionally luxurious details and fine, tactile qualities in the carpentries and choice of lighting and furniture as the key design drivers throughout the entire space. The language of interior design and architecture is meant to represent organic nature. Hence, we have extensively used curved edges on all four sides of the private room, on the stone wall panels, on the ceiling, and on the pantry counter. The beautifully curved edges create a seamless interconnection between the inside of the lounge interior and the adjacent balcony. For users, the lounge provides a quiet and intimate space, allowing them to unwind and find respite from their hectic schedules and travel fatigue.

David Jones Elizabeth Street Flagship Store

Located in the heart of Sydney, the David Jones Elizabeth Street Flagship Store is one of Australia’s leading and most iconic department stores. Benoy’s challenge was to enhance the heritage structure and provide a more contemporary and inspiring retail environment, while at the same time celebrating the store’s opulent and storied past. The resulting design strategy involved a series of delicate and thoughtful architectural and interior modifications. By blending the existing building fabric with a re-designed layout, it maximised the store’s twelve levels, while allowing smooth, circulatory movement throughout and enabling a more diverse retail offering.

We then utilized conceptual layering’ rather than typical floors’ to create different experiential zones. This was achieved through new escalator atriums and forecourts which also enabled enhanced commercial circulation throughout. Now clad in sleek black metal with underside panel lighting, the newly refurbished escalator is the consistent element which highlights the verticality of the atrium, much like a ribbon swirling upwards or downwards. The strategic layering of escalators spatially defines the vertically-stacked floor openings into a series of discreet and human-scale ateliers’ which enhance the contemporary David Jones retail experience.

Huafa Jinwan Mall

Huafa Jinwan Mall is located in the core area of Zhuhai’s new Aviation City and is also a prime location adjacent to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Built on a land area of 58,483.24 m², Benoy designed a trendy (“affordable luxury”) shopping mall and a retail street to maximise the retail opportunity provided by the new aviation city. Using Dream Flight Journey” as the design theme, our vision is to build Huafa Golden Bay Center into a place that belongs to the new generation and new thinking. 

We have created a unique aesthetic through the abstract interpretation of the flight journey. Through the combination of streamlined light strips and strong visual themes, visitors are immersed in the retail journey of the entire space. When it comes to indoor and outdoor experiences, we have created a series of nodal points inside the mall and along the retail street, including the sky deck, courtyard and leisure gardens that will host many different events. It brings customers a new experience horizon, no matter whether indoor or outdoor facing the promenade, they can still see and enjoy the vibrancy of the entire space.

Seazen Suzhou Wuyue Plaza

When Marco Polo arrived in Suzhou he was most impressed by the city’s waterways and called it the Venice of the East”. Our goal was to create an authentic, contemporary reinterpretation, using world-class design thinking and internationally proven techniques. Through careful analysis of the urban morphology and the architectural typologies on Pinjiang Road, we extracted the essential qualities of this historical area to create an indoor retail street that is not a mere imitation, but an authentic reinterpretation of the Old Town. 

The top floor (L6) is a modern interpretation of street life and the waterway landscape of Pinjiang Road. On the lower retail floors (L1‑5), the design concept was inspired by the artisan tradition of carving and craftsmanship of woodworking. The carving of sinuous, fluid surfaces informed the interior design elements on the lower five floors. Such examples can be observed throughout the mall interior, from the signature curved atrium edges to the dynamic curved wall cladding panels around the lift lobbies. A combination of modern and traditional materials was used to recreate the atmosphere of Pingjiang Road with its picturesque bridges. Visitors can enjoy a stroll through narrow streets, open spaces and small boutiques housed in traditional Chinese architecture.

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