29 April 2022

Benoy to work on transformational East Midlands Scheme

Benoy is delighted to be working alongside Areli Developments, MurrayTwohig and Urban Delivery on a long-term programme centring on the development of hundreds of hectares of land around East Midlands Airport, Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and the Toton-Chetwynd corridor.

Benoy will be advising on urban design for the project, which is being promoted by the East Midlands Development Company, a public-private partnership backed by a consortium of local authorities and government.

Each site is the size of London’s Olympic Park, and it’s hoped that they will collectively generate 84,000 jobs and add more than £4 billion to the output of the East Midlands economy in the decades ahead.

Pictured, left to right: Simon Bee, Design Director Benoy; Rob Tincknell, Areli; David Twohig, MurrayTwohig; Simon Davis, Urban Delivery. 

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Team shot April 2022
Team shot April 2022