13 May 2021

Telling our story — introducing Benoy parent company Handley House

We’re excited to share with you this new film which tells the story of our parent company Handley House – a journey which began with Benoy and expanded to include Pragma, Holmes Wood and Uncommon Land to become the group we are today. 

Here at Handley House, everything we do is driven by an unwavering commitment to meet the needs of those who live in, work in and use the places we create.

We collaborate to solve problems and influence economic prosperity, social wellbeing and environmental sustainability that will shape the world in which we live. Bringing together commercial advice and strategic research, technical knowledge and design expertise, we deliver a holistic, integrated approach from commercial strategy and data analysis, to masterplanning and architecture, urban and landscape design, interior design and wayfinding. Whether it’s mixed-use, retail, residential, aviation, workplace or other, our family of specialists work independently or together as one interconnected team, co-creating across sectors and time-zones. 

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Introducing Handley House

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