27 April 2021

Benoy bags multiple wins at the 2021 – 2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards

Benoy are delighted to announce that we have garnered 3 top awards at the 2021 – 2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards. These awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. An International Property Award is a world-renowned mark of excellence.

The two project awards include Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters in Nanjing, China for the Mixed Use Architecture category for China and Wenzhou InCity MEGA for the Retail Architecture category for China. For the digital marketing category, Benoy also took home the Architect Website award for www​.benoy​.com.

On Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters, Terence Seah, Head of Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen said,

It is a great honor to receive the Mixed Use Award for Architecture for Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters. We have won multiple Asia Pacific Property Awards for some of Benoy’s iconic projects, such as Changi Terminal 4, Parc Central, Suzhou Center, Chengdu IFS and Westgate, amongst many others. This latest achievement is a reflection of the excellent talent and team collaboration across our studios, and our successful collaboration with some of the best developers in Asia and beyond.”

For Wenzhou InCity MEGA, Qin Pang, Head of Shanghai commented,

We are delighted to be recognized as one of the winners of the Asia Pacific Property Awards. Everyone knows that retail is very challenging, fast-changing and competitive in China, because there are so many similar products in the market. What we are doing is to offer future customers a very unique experience by creating dynamic spaces in human scale, and also maximize the value of the surrounding landscape for future tenants. We are honored to receive this prestigious award, which reflects the positive response from our clients and the larger community.”

The Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters is a major mixed-use development located with a total GFA of 850,000 m² due for completion in 2023. Alibaba and Benoy envisioned a full-service campus that embodies collaboration between Alibaba and its business partners within a holistic ecosystem: a pioneering showcase to display its innovative technology; a community for end-users and service providers; and a network to seamlessly integrate the digital and physical worlds. With the goal of fostering business, scenarios, technology and services comprehensively by Alibaba Inside”, the Alibaba Jiangsu Headquarters will build an Internet industrial community based on the concept of intelligent architecture, support Alibaba’s localization and industrial chain development, and create a high-level development platform for Alibaba and Nanjing.

The Wenzhou InCity MEGA project is located along the Central Green Axis, a newly developed popular region that is home to governmental buildings, cultural sites, residential, education, leisure and entertainment, all integrated in one area. The 2.6 million square foot (250,000 square meter) InCity MEGA scheme will occupy two of the eight plots on the Central Green Axis, with a mixed-use program including retail, movie theaters, public plazas, and gyms. The InCity MEGA scheme is comprised of two plots, one containing the InCity MEGA Mall” with the other featuring a long, narrow waterfront boutique district. Together, the plots combine to create a three-dimensional urban space which integrates commercial and public realms.

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Benoy bags multiple wins at the 2021-2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards

Wenzhou Incity Mega Website
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Wenzhou Incity Mega Website
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