04 March 2021

Benoy reimagines luxury and community in the heart of Shanghai’s West Bund

Recently winning an intensive international competition by Hongkong Land involving other major global design firms, Benoy is tasked to create a new high-end luxury and tourist destination in the iconic West Bund CBD at the heart of Shanghai.

The project encompasses plot xh130D of the Xuhui WS3 masterplan with 4 subplots within, totaling a site area of 90,086㎡. Included are 3 offices and 1 hotel/​SA with over 150,000㎡ of retail spread out both above and below ground.

Leveraging Benoy’s global structure, we draw on experiences and expertise from around the world to deliver globally-recognized and iconic projects. We mobilized an experienced design team encompassing experts from Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Shanghai to create and deliver this one-of-a-kind vision in one of Shanghai’s prime areas.

In close collaboration with Hongkong Land, Benoy envisions a new community which reflects new learnings, exciting experiences and modern innovations, all set in a rich green landscape. A place which flows elegantly from one experience to another in an environment infused with natural elements, housed within a complex that is organic and authentic.

With its dynamic mix of uses, sustainability elements, integration with regional mass transit and providing human-scaled spaces that add delight to daily experiences, this modern and dynamic destination sets a new benchmark for sustainable and people-centric developments.

Project Overview
Scope of Services: Retail Architecture
Category: Mixed-use, Retail
Client: Hongkong Land
Total floor area: <700,000㎡
Design Director: Teri Tsang, Jacqueline Beckingham, Barry Hughes
Design team: Jonas Sin, Terry Tang, Dennis Du, Christy Li, Kyle Liu, Ken Lee, Renee Wu, Hieu Dao, Jonathan van der Stel, Leevan Huang, Sean Zhao, Chun Cho

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