21 January 2021

Benoy’s Mike MacCormack on the future of sustainable repurposing in our towns and cities

What does successful urban regeneration look like? How can we re-energise our town centres and high streets?
As we look to renew our urban centres, do we need to shift from rigid, large-scale retail developments towards something more blended and compelling?

We’re delighted to be one of 10 invited contributors to Savills Re:imagining Retail #2′ exploring key ideas around sustainable repurposing in our towns and cities. For it, we drew on our experience leading large-scale regeneration projects at Woking (Robert Bentley), London’s King’s Road (Madeleine Hug) and Wokingham (Mike Wilson-MacCormack).

Read our piece, Sustainable design at the heart of urban transformation – how both repurposing and redevelopment have a place in regeneration’ here.

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