06 May 2019

Benoy designs an exciting urban destination for Montréal

Working with Carbonleo and their investment partners L Catterton, Benoy have helped develop a vision to transform a 74 acre site in Montréal into a new cultural, social, and commercial hub. Located in the Town of Mount Royal (TMR), about six miles from the heart of the city, the site is currently an underutilized industrial neighbourhood centrally located between downtown and the airport. 

Benoy’s role has been to design a masterplan transforming an industrial pocket of Montréal into a dynamic new community. Mid-Town Montréal (MTM) when it opens in 2022, will combine leisure, retail, commercial office, hospitality and residential into new urban hub. 

Connectivity is a key aspect to Royalmount. Beyond easy access from two major highways, the scheme will be directly connected via a new pedestrian bridge to the subway and will link into the city’s cycle network. Designed to clearly separate pedestrians from cars, the development will be highly walkable with a central pedestrian promenade and plaza, elevated terraced walkways and weather protected routes. 

The center piece of the project will be an urban plaza linking a new pedestrian street to the galleria. Walkable, well-connected and oriented around public space the proximity of different elements to each other will make MTM a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Benoy’s design has focused on the artful mix of uses within the development. The aim of masterplan is to maximize the synergy between uses, while simultaneously imbuing each district with its own distinct design language. 

Global Creative Director Jaqueline Beckingham commented, RoyalMount is a unique opportunity to enhance one of the world’s great cities through revitalization. This project will enrich the existing urban context creating a brand new community and introducing a fresh new aesthetic which faithfully reflects the essence of modern Montréal.” 

The development is currently under construction and is Phase 1 is due to open in 2022. 

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