15 March 2019

Benoy leads Interior Design for Grand Shopping Center in Chengdu 

Located in Chengdu’s Gaoxin District district within the heart of the financial centre, Benoy led the Interior Design and Retail Planning for Chengdu Grand Shopping Center. 

With the customer and the client in mind, Benoy created a space that looks to the future whilst also capturing the vibrancy of the city it resides within. With a gross floor area of approximately 130,000 square meters, it will cater to the varied lifestyle and cultural needs of the consumers in the area. 

The development is divided into two distinctive sections that are divided by a road and linked by an underground corridor. One section is positioned as the retail space for leading brands, featuring bold colours and striking spatial compositions. The other section has a more neutral look to reflect the luxury brands it presents. The two distinct atmospheres introduce different experiences in a single space, encouraging visitors to embark on a journey of exploration. 

The main atrium of the eight-storey superstructure features two crystal boxes” that rise from the ground level. As the visual focus for the entire space, their functions will be a key focal point. The recessed floors are extended from one layer to the next providing an additional layer of visibility. The new development also promises to remain at the forefront of technology. Its dedicated online platform provides all visitors with the information they need to navigate and interact with the space. Benoy also implemented a unique marketplace into the space on the top floor. This not only brings an element of culture into the interface but also adds to the experience aspect of the shopping complex. 

Chengdu Grand Shopping Center epitomises the type of retail spaces being designed today which are community led spaces bordered by a vibrant mix of uses which include everything from leisure and dining to offices and retail. The space places an emphasis on catering to a wider group, shifting the focus towards experience based retail. 

The development is currently under construction and is due to open in 2020.

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