29 January 2019

Benoy announces soft opening of Sinar Mas Plaza Shopping Centre in Shanghai

Sinar Mas Plaza Shopping Center, the tallest building in Shanghai’s Puxi city centre, opened its doors at the end of 2018. The eagerly-awaited indoor shopping arcade welcomed its first group of brand tenants, marking the official debut of the upscale cultural tourism complex which integrates office space with a hotel and retail facilities. 

The plaza boasts a premium location on the North Bund, Shanghai, overlooking the Huangpu River and Lujiazui financial centre across the water. The design for the development was inspired by Shanghai’s official flower, the white magnolia. Designed by Benoy, the interiors of the 90,000-square-metre shopping mall features uniquely crafted structures to enhance the shopping experience whilst also showcasing brands in the building. Boutiques and F&B outlets are spread across three above ground floors and two underground floors. The unique dining facilities at Sinar Mas Plaza set the development apart from other shopping complexes in Shanghai. 

Director Simon Wong commented on the project; We are proud of the work we have done on Sinar Mas Plaza. More and more at Benoy we are looking to the surroundings to inform how we design the world we live in and this was a big focus for us with this particular project. We wanted to design a space that championed this and it is most evident in the natural light and warms tones that take centre stage.” 

Benoy was also dedicated to designing a space with a sustainable edge. A green wall in the rooftop garden is the largest indoor green wall in any Chinese shopping complex. It aims to create a green and healthy environment for shoppers throughout their retail experience. The main arcade is bright, with a carefully thought out ceiling design that encourages continuity through the entire atrium. Sunshine pours through the panels into the arcade, which features wood-textured finishes in warm tones. The plant walls also give the shopping space a more natural feeling. 

The new retail development aims to attract young quality-conscious consumers providing them with a space to explore fashion boutiques and cultural tourism services, filling a gap in the local market, as well as setting a new benchmark for shopping malls in the Hongkou district of Shanghai. Comprising of a 320-metre 5A office building, the tallest in Puxi, plus Shanghai’s first W Hotel and a world-class shopping centre, the 420,000-square-metre metro superstructure is set to become the most prominent landmark in North Bund. When it opens in April 2019, Sinar Mas Plaza Shopping Center will be a new hub in the city. 

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