21 November 2018

Benoy to deliver major new development in Papua New Guinea 

Benoy has been appointed to deliver a major mixed-use destination in Papua New Guinea, offering something unique for its capital city, Port Moresby, which is a new market for commercial development.

Situated in the heart of Port Moresby, the space will be the first of its kind for the city. The project is a mixed-use development which includes retail, F&B, offices, residential areas and public green space.

Benoy Director, Terence Seah commented, We are incredibly excited to be working on this significant development. Papua New Guinea has a lot of opportunity and we are thrilled to be delivering a world-class retail destination for the city. Our design introduces a sense of modernity whilst also paying tribute to the natural and cultural diversity of the country.” 

The design is comprised of three major sections covering an approximate GFA of 130,000m2. One of the most striking aspects to the design is the colourful canopy that floats above the building. Benoy found inspiration in the surrounding landscape during the design process with the canopy echoing Papua New Guinea’s national bird of paradise and the two towers mirroring the hills surrounding the site. 

The main areas of open public space have also been designed for further programming. Operating in a similar way to a park, the space will feature children’s facilities, a running track and a water feature. It will also be flexible with the ability to host local arts and crafts markets, events and concerts. 

The project is conveniently situated along the main road that connects the CBD to the airport. 

The development is due to break ground at the end of 2019.

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