Wenzhou INCITY Mega
Wenzhou, China

Setting the standard for the city of Wenzhou


Masterplanning, Architecture


Masterplanning, Mixed-use, Retail, Workplace




The 250,000 m² Wenzhou INCITY MEGA will be the first commercial complex in developer SCPG’s new MEGA’ product line. The vision for the project is to deliver a three-dimensional urban space’; an interconnected destination which blurs the boundaries between commercial and public realms.


For the design of the INCITY MEGA Mall, Benoy pushed the external boundaries of the development outwards to create an impressive, multi-functional inner courtyard and open-space at the heart of the retail-led scheme. The retail scheme is seamlessly connected to the waterfront boutique district, also within Benoy’s remit, which brings a commercial offering to the mixed-use development.


Project in development.

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