“The Power Series” by Taikoo’s The Mag features Trevor Vivian in “The Power of Design”

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Trevor Vivian, Global Director, reveals how optimally designed places lead to meaningful user experiences, catering to the needs of the here and now whilst always keeping an eye on the future.

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“We start by asking, “How can we add value to these user journeys and make them more appealing?” It is the user journey that creates a meaningful connection between people and place.”

The Power Series” by Taikoo’s The Mag features Trevor Vivian in The Power of Design”

The Power Series” by Taikoo’s The Mag spotlights industry leaders within the Taikoo Place business community in Hong Kong. The Power Series invites industry titans to share the power” of one initiative and how it impacts and affects change in people’s lives and the wider community.

In the April issue, Trevor Vivian, Benoy Global Director, talks about the power of design.

Trevor shares Benoy’s ethos of creative commerciality’, the idea that a design can be both aesthetically pleasing and economically viable, and how Benoy takes this one step further by harnessing design as a force for good to advance economic prosperity, social wellbeing and sustainable development in our communities.

Also learn Trevor’s philosophy behind good design, what keeps him energized every day 40 years into the industry, and what lies behind his unrelenting drive to constantly innovate and lead the APAC business to build better places for people. 

Click here to read the full article: https://​www​.taikooplace​.com/​e​n​/​w​h​a​t​s​o​n​/​t​h​e​-​m​a​g​/​p​o​w​e​r​s​e​r​i​e​s​b​e​n​o​y2020


“I see architecture as the backdrop to people’s interactions... Our role as designers is to provide people with gathering points and spaces to live and work.”