Spotlight on Philip Li | Model Maker at Benoy

In the age of digital modeling and rendering tools, an often overlooked and underappreciated medium is the architectural model.

A form of three-dimensional sketching, physical scale models help designers visualize the effects of light, space and form in a way digital tools simply cannot. Physical models are inherently tactile, help build material intuition, and in many ways is a teaching and learning process—which all contribute to efficient, creative and thoughtful designs.

We sit down with Philip Li, model maker at Benoy Hong Kong, to find out why architectural models persist in the digital age, finding inspiration in unexpected places, and some of his most beautiful, tangible pieces of art.

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Philip Li | Model Maker at BENOY |

Philip Li is the resident model make in Benoy’s Hong Kong studio. With a background in architecture, Philip worked for several years as a designer before shifting into model making. Philip plays a vital role in the studio, translating drawings into physical objects which enable architects and clients to experience designs from new perspectives. Originally from Northern Ireland, in his spare time Philip enjoys football, calisthenics, and Guinness.

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Philips Article IG