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Global Director Trevor Vivian credits Benoy’s mission of changing the way people live through design as the key to its longevity.

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In its July print issue, Trevor Vivian, Global Director, shares the drivers behind Benoy’s success in creating open, experiential and human-centric destinations. He espouses that our foremost mission as architects is to make cities better places to live. At Benoy, we ensure that our projects create value from a social, economic and sustainability perspective – it’s our promise to our clients and our pledge to society.

Across its portfolio, Benoy focuses on delivering stunning designs which transform the user experience and create truly memorable moments. By creating great public realm and inspirational workspace, Benoy prioritises the end-user, ensuring places are tailored to the needs of those who live, work in, and pass through them.

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For Trevor, making a difference has always been his inspiration for becoming an architect. His New Zealand roots taught him about being connected to the land and the importance of sustainability. It’s his belief that people buy into what you believe, not what you do.

“A better place to live is a better public realm. Then, if you’re improving the public realm, you’re ultimately improving the social environment for people and their interactions.”

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“Benoy is a member of Architects Declare, a group of architects who are leading the forefront of sustainability. We have the responsibility for making things better and to make choices that are improving health and the environment.”

Trevor Vivian BENOY HONG KONG 2