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Pioneering mixed-use

Supernova will be a pioneering new mixed-use development featuring five super high rise towers. Blending green living with luxurious, modern convenience, the waterfront development will be a much sought after urban oasis.

The project will offer large-scale malls and showcase a wide range of Retail including world-class labels, branded and premier residences, highly advanced workspaces, 5-Star hotels, recreational centres and excellent transport connections.

One of the towers, the Spira Tower, is set to become Northern India’s tallest mixed-use development. At 80-storeys, it will include premium residential apartments, a 5-Star hotel and the highly desirable Spira Suites.

Crowned with a world class restaurant and bar, Supernova will offer panoramic views over the surrounding waterways and Noida Bird Sanctuary.

Modern, luxury living

Supernova will place modern convenience and green living at the heart of the National Capital Region. This pioneering LEED platinum development will be positioned to draw the eye to the towers high above the city and its desirable surroundings.

All five interface with a podium level space that will feature verdant gardens and attractive event platforms. This first of its kind waterfront development for this region, will have Vaastu inspired super structures and unobstructed views of the bird sanctuary.

Luxury permeates throughout Supernova. Within the innovative design, there is everything that could be expected – residences, serviced suites, next generation workspaces, premium shopping centres, high-end hotels and a diverse range of recreational spaces.

The idea behind Supernova is to bring elegance to each detail; from the sleek façades to the retail offer, from the super high rise reaches of the Spira Tower to the landscaped gardens, there is an ambience of indulgence across the development.

With considerable effort to meet the highest standards, Benoy’s Team did not omit one refined detail throughout.

Unique, yet integrated

Supernova takes advantage of the surroundings by including ample amounts of landscaped exteriors to create a naturally beautiful setting which is only enhanced by the prominent towers and mixed-use offer.

The design includes a series of lush areas each conveying a different personality; some cater to the more active pursuits whilst others are positioned perfectly for relaxing. Each area of Supernova has its own aura.

Additionally, it was crucial for Supernova to look to the future as well as providing for the modern consumer. The development provides a taste of the future with a fully connected environment and all the latest technological advances.

The Team also provided each of the five towers with their own unique style, including a diverse range of sectors in each building engages the consumer within their own intimate realm yet retains full integration within the overall scheme.