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World's first Ferrari theme park

At the centre of the landmark Yas Island Concept in Abu Dhabi sits the world’s first Ferrari The­­­me Park, a thrilling brand experience and multi-sensory celebration of a design icon.

Benoy’s vision for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was to create a building that would reflect the best of the Ferrari brand and its design was directly inspired by generations of the Ferrari marque.

With more than 20 attractions under the distinctive, curved red roof, it is the world’s largest indoor theme park. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is now an international tourist attraction and its profile synonymous with Abu Dhabi.

Distinctive design

Due to the shape of the island and the position of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the building was conceived as a simple ‘Ground hugging’ form, growing from the landscape in flowing lines like a red sand dune. The visually distinctive shape sits at the very heart of Yas Island.

A three pointed star form in plan and three extensive ‘Triform’ claws to cradle the outdoor attractions, the 3D nature of the building was derived from an analysis of the sinuous double curves of countless Ferrari body shells. At the very centre of the plan the huge roof dips and gathers itself into the ground like a huge funnel, creating the setting for one of the world’s most exciting acceleration rides.

The building entrance to the north is linked directly to a Welcome Pavilion via the Ferrari Gateway Bridge. Inside the building, a soaring spaceframe structure covers an undulating plaza deck, on which the many themed rides and attractions are located. 

Architectural achievement

Mindful of the climate, Benoy’s design for the 200,000m2 monocoque roof is not only a visual statement of the brand but also ensures Ferrari World Abu Dhabi can be enjoyed throughout the year

With temperatures regularly rising to more than 40C degrees, how the design dealt with the expansion and contraction of the building was critical. Due to the large surface area of the roof, the number and placement of movement joints were vital to the success of the scheme.

Benoy’s solution was perhaps the simplest of all, prescribing single movement joints toward the perimeter of the development’s shell, allowing the building to expand and contract from the more rigid centre.

The structure and external façades were oriented to accommodate this movement and have rotating base joints, allowing the building to ‘Breathe’.

Benoy’s Design Team delivered the detailed proposals for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi which included Concept Design through to the Technical Analysis of the building. As the tallest man-made structure in the world once stood on its end, the design and delivery of this first-of-its-kind development is considered one of Benoy’s greatest achievements.