Masterplanning, Architecture
ARUC, EMRU, Alcaldía Cali

The future of urban design

Benoy’s ambitious 56,400ha masterplan will be the catalyst in the renaissance of the historic city of Cali. The architectural impact will reach way beyond the parameters of the city and introduce a renewed vitality to Valle del Cauca and western Colombia.

The masterplan is made up of six districts which will each be influenced by both the colourful history and dramatic geography of the region. These zones will be able to stand on their own yet have cohesion in terms of design and personality.

Representing the next generation of urban design, the city will ultimately offer a comprehensive mix, ranging from education to entertainment, leisure to luxury. It will balance identity and community and both residents and visitors alike will enjoy a complete live, work and play environment.

Celebrating Cali heritage

The brief demanded the strengthening of the established ‘Power Regions’; these six regions have been identified as key zones for development.

At the heart of the city will sit the Global Centre. Home to fine examples of Colonial, Neocolonial, Republican, Art Deco, Modernist Architecture and landscaped public realm, the area will be recognised as a ‘Celebration of Cali Heritage’. 

The city has long enjoyed a strong association with international sport and building on this passion, the Sport & Leisure District will appeal to athletes, amateurs and those who simply want to keep fit; walkable neighbourhoods, pedestrian parks and cycle paths will encourage a healthier lifestyle for all.

Cali is synonymous with the Arts and the new Culture District will continue and develop this tradition. A large, green park akin to Central Park in New York City or Green Park in London will be the focal point; resonating with the buzz of the local museums and galleries, shops and restaurants, it will be the perfect venue for concerts and exhibitions. Abandoned, former factories will be reimagined as contemporary residences and flexible, modern workspaces.

Coherent strategies for the Business and Education Zones will combine to provide future generations of Cali as well as all of Colombia with a new legacy of wealth, opportunity and knowledge.

The Fashion District was once the highlight of the city but its glamour has somewhat faded in recent years. The intention is to rejuvenate this area with a lively mix of high street and high-end retail.

Three existing programmes of activity – Health, Hospitality and Transportation – will be incorporated into the plans, providing a firm foundation for the evolution of this exciting city. 

Natural assets

Grounded in contemporary urban design principles, the masterplan draws on the most treasured aspects of Cali’s culture and natural beauty and strives to preserve the old whilst promoting the new.

Inspired by the famous, late afternoon breeze that blows down from the mountains, bringing with it fresh air and a sense of vitality, Benoy’s designs celebrate this natural phenomenon that has become part of daily city life. This sense of energy has been incorporated within the masterplan and the theme of ‘Refresh, renew, restore’ is evident throughout Benoy’s ideas.