Soho Gardens
Dubai, UAE

Creating a future icon and symbol of Dubai’s local legacy


Architecture Concept, Schematic Design




6,000 m2


When approaching a project of such prestige and prominence within the public eye, developing the brief required a clarity of vision and strong working relationship with all stakeholders. Working alongside a supportive client team throughout the design process, we were able to ensure that the initial vision and concepts were retained. 


Soho Gardens offer luxurious and inspiring spaces, appealing to the upscale market segments of Dubai’s residents and visitors. Modern elegance infuses with local heritage and character; people can journey through the edgy, industrial landscaped courtyards of the Soho Gardens through to the more relaxed feel of the Soho Beach, and onto the dazzling refinement of Drai’s pool club.


Project under construction.

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10950 hd
Nbhh Soho Gardens Al Ain Uae Edit
10950 hd
Nbhh Soho Gardens Al Ain Uae Edit