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Paarijat Eclat & Privilon Mixed-Use Towers
Ahmedabad, India

A premier mixed-used destination merging high end residential, retail and office space


Exterior Design


Workplace, Residential, Retail, Mixed-use


bSafal Group


100,000 m2


The external aesthetic had to seamlessly merge with the already planned built form, to create a consistent and complementary language for the office and residential towers. 


Benoy’s design concept for the exterior of the scheme played on volumes and proportions to break down the mass into smaller components, blending the character of both the commercial and residential towers. The use of exposed concrete material was a nod to the local tradition of excellent concrete craftsmanship.


The fully integrated, premier development merges the Privilon’, the retail and office towers component with the Paarijat Éclat’, which consists of two contemporary residential towers with high-end and luxury apartments, as well as amenities for a truly mixed-use space.

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