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King's Road
Chelsea, UK

A botanical scheme born out of the history of the site and the King’s Road


Architecture, Landscape, Wayfinding


Retail, F&B, Office, Leisure


Our site is located part way down the famous King’s Road. Steeped in history and surrounded by conservation areas and significant buildings, the architectural response needed to be refined, authentic and unique but also to bring back some of the renegade nature of the King’s Road from the 60’s and 70’s.


King’s Road offered the chance to create much needed public realm and re-introduce green spaces back to this part of the city. Inspired by its botanical past, this project incorporated elements and references to apothecary shelves, botanical influences and a transparent garden box element to act as a landmark for the scheme. Green elements are also interwoven through a sedum-tiered roofscape that responds to significant rights of light considerations for residents at the rear and sides. This introduces biodiversity into the scheme and green views for surrounding residents.


The project is intended to be submitted for planning late 2020. This is scheme that must have a sustainable identity. We are targeting BREEAM Outstanding for Office spaces as part of this project.

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Introducing King's Road

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