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Riga Akropole, Latvia
Riga, Latvia

Creating a personality for a new mixed-use, retail and leisure development in Latvia


Interior Design


Retail, Leisure


Akropolis Group


98,000 m2


To provide personality, identity and a sense of local distinctiveness to a new build retail and leisure destination within Riga, while setting a quality benchmark for a new Developer within the Region. It was also important to enhance and complement the base architectural scheme already created by the Local Team. 


The centre is located on the site of a former porcelain factory, which inspired the language and personality for the Development. Materials reclaimed from the factory, including bricks, iron columns, pottery and molds were incorporated into the design. 


Making full use of the language of design, as well as reclaimed materials and objects, Benoy has created a memorable and unique experience for Akropolis’s first retail destination in Riga.

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