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Birmingham, UK

Rethinking a city’s heart




Retail + Leisure


To boost Birmingham’s centre, Benoy was asked to reinstate the commercial hub historically known as the Bullring. Through masterplanning, architectural expertise and interior design, our goal was to integrate the Bullring seamlessly into the cityscape and to create a sense of place for the community.


Mirroring the city’s historic street patterns, we designed an interwoven configuration with attractive walkways, covered streets and public places. The vision was to blend old character with arresting modern architecture to capture the essence of Birmingham.


Housing 140 shops and connected seamlessly to the main train station, the award-winning Bullring is now the prime catalyst in Birmingham. A mixture of enclosed streets and an open-air floating skyplane roof fuse it to Birmingham’s skeleton, and it is established as a city within a city thanks to an array of new zones.

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