Økern Sentrum
Oslo, Norway

New Nordic simplicity


Architecture, Interior Design


Mixed-use, Retail, Workplace, Transport Oriented Development


75,000 m2


Benoy was tasked with masterplanning the retail and commercial component of Økern’s urban redevelopment programme. Located at a key intersection of rail, bus and highway infrastructure projects, the development should capitalize on high levels of accessibility and create a new commercial hub for the district.


Benoy’s solution skillfully combines a compact retail plan with a dramatic glazed entrance capturing footfall from the transport interchange. A new open street connects the retail project to the wider masterplan and externalizes the shopping environment with food and beverage terraces, pavilions and highly visible entrances to the office towers surmounting the retail podium.


Project under development.

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5142 Okern Oslo N7 hd
5142 Okern Oslo N5 hd
5142 Okern Oslo N7 hd
5142 Okern Oslo N5 hd