Designing for academics

We believe that well-designed buildings can enhance the success and standing of an academic establishment. Delivering bright, healthy and nurturing spaces, our designs aim to promote interaction between students and faculty.

The environments that our Team create are deliberately flexible and are able to respond to the evolving demands of education practices whilst also encouraging cross-discipline collaboration, so crucial to the learning process.

Campus design

Our work in the Education Sector is a natural progression of our Masterplanning portfolio; we understand the specific complexities of integrating new developments into the existing campus.

Experienced in working with Estates Departments, Facilities Management and End-Users, we work together to create intelligent design solutions that optimise University operations.

Regardless of the scale of the project, we strive to realise the strategic and aesthetic visions of our client.

The Team appreciates the contribution that architecture can make to the efficacy of campus, the value of the physical building stock, the teaching, learning and ultimately the reputation of the institution.