Benoy’s team of Masterplanners has proven, international expertise. Their experience in urban design is acknowledged across sectors and regions.

We believe the success of a masterplan, an urban blueprint, lies in the balancing of visionary ideas with practical delivery. We frequently find that our work in this sector goes hand-in-hand with the concept of ‘Urban Regeneration’ and considerate urban planning can bring forgotten areas of a city back to life. With an intelligent , balanced mix of uses, imaginative infrastructure solutions and a creative attitude to public realm, city quarters can take on new, more positive roles in our communities.

Whilst our Urban Designers are of course enthusiastic about the vision, they never lose sight of the practicalities; the need for deliverability and increasingly important, the environmental considerations of every scheme.

Challenging historic perceptions of density and public space, the Benoy Masterplanning Team strives to create special places; memorable streets, exciting squares, vibrant quarters, true urban destinations.