Benoy’s award-winning portfolio of developments described as ‘Mixed-Use’ is ever-growing as sector boundaries blur and ‘24 hour’ destinations become the norm.

With global multi-use project experience, our Architects design with a deep understanding of the changing needs, tastes and expectations of the 21st century. Benoy’s mixed-use schemes strike a balance between place and building, providing aesthetic inspiration based on commercial and environmental sense.

Often this mixed-use work goes hand-in-hand with the concept of urban regeneration, bringing forgotten urban areas back to life. With a considered mix of uses, imaginative infrastructure solutions and a creative attitude to the public realm, entire city quarters can take on a new, more positive role.

Drawing on a cross-sector range of expertise in Retail, Residential, Commercial, Transportation and High-Rise, Benoy understands how to deliver inspiring and enduring, yet commercially successful mixed-use developments.