Education & Research

Benoy understands that well-designed spaces can contribute to the success of and so enhance the reputation of an academic institution, be it a school, university or research centre.

The Benoy Education and Research Team has a genuine appreciation for the design process and experience has taught them what is achievable, deliverable, appropriate and desirable within the important and exacting Education and Research sector.

Benoy’s designs promote interaction between students and faculty and encourage new ways of learning. Teaching environments, class rooms, laboratories and lecture theatres must all anticipate new techniques and technologies and the creation of modern, flexible layouts enables institutions to easily accommodate changes as processes and procedures evolve.

A contributing factor to Benoy’s design ethos is context, considering the site and the relationship of the new building to the existing campus. The Team also contemplates the academic and practical ambitions of the institution and the community; future milestones and the opportunity to establish a building that becomes a symbol of campus pride.