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An exciting future destination for Suzhou

W Avenue sits close to Taihu at the new Wujiang Central Business District in Suzhou. The site has active traffic access surrounding the four sides of the development with a direct connection to the future Light Rail station on the south end. This lifestyle mixed-use development will span across two plots of land, East and West, to create an exciting future destination for the city.

W Avenue is a commercial and experiential destination. Merging functional art with architecture, landscape and engineering, the scheme pushes the boundaries on collaborative design to create a special future development for Suzhou and the region.

Design in motion 

Water and landscaping is a prominent feature in this future development, with each element providing inspiration to the overarching design. Mimicked in its flowing lines and soft contours, the kinetic energy of a water drop falls into the heart of this design.  Enveloping the site, the surrounding water also acts as a connection point for visitors, with its water taxis providing a key link between the East and West plots.

The contoured lines of the landscape simulate ripples and help to create differences in the levels of the site. The distinctive landscape lines twist up and evolve, uniting with the façade design of the different buildings.  


Commerciality at the heart of eco-development

Two office towers stand at the each side of the iconic bridge, merging with the landscape and subtly twisting upwards to highlight the motion of the façade. These towers signify the north gate of the development.

A hotel and apartment tower and two serviced apartment towers on the West plot define the skyline of the development. Orientated for best lake and landscape views, they define the western edge of the site. At the centre is a 60-Key boutique hotel. Each villa of the island hotel is orientated to enjoy a water view with a half moon landscape reef barrier around the island perimeter as a shield to avoid overlooking from surrounding areas.