Interior Design
Galaxy Entertainment Group

Peaceful opulence

The Promenade is an exciting new luxury retail destination located within one of Macau’s most prominent entertainment and leisure developments, Galaxy Macau.

Benoy completed the Interior Design for the expanded shopping scheme, adding 65,000m2 to complete a 1.5km long shopping journey which loops the length of Galaxy Macau.

Featuring 22,600m2 of Italian marble, the ultra-luxurious interior has been designed to ensure the retail and hotel areas sit in harmony with each other.

Tactile finishes, natural stone, patterned detailing, soft lighting and 5-Star amenities all contribute to the peaceful opulence and grandeur of The Promenade.

Acoustic materials dampen and absorb noise, producing a relaxing shopping experience.

Generous skylights have been introduced to the development, drawing abundant natural daylight into the interiors; a design feature which is not commonly found within Macau’s entertainment developments.

Within the VIP drop off entrance, a spectacular glass curtain wall and a double-height green wall add to the arrival experience for guests.