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Silvertown Partnership

Architectural branding

Silvertown was once an important trading centre in the early 20th Century; a hub for both imports and exports, from grain to meat, to all variety of food and spices. It is also home to one of London’s most notable buildings, the former flour mill, Millennium Mills.

The ambition is for Silvertown to once again become a thriving, economic centre, but this time catering for technology and the creative industries. It is destined to become an aspiring and attainable place to live, work and play.

Benoy is advising the Silvertown Partnership on the development of their Architectural Brand Strategy; a crucial component in generating the high level of commercial interest for which this major venture is aiming to attract.

Working alongside the developer, Benoy is devising a plan which will be attractive to globally celebrated brands by creating an exciting and enterprising environment with civic, cultural and commercial aspects to make it a desirable destination.