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A new commercial outlook

As part of the wider Lujiazui Pudong Qiantan masterplan, also completed by Benoy, Qian Tan Office Park has been designed as an integral component of the third Central Business District of Shanghai. The strategic location of this new district will create a major public transport interchange and waterfront entertainment and leisure destination.

Upon completion, the development will include two 135m Grade A Office Towers to the east and a three-storey Commercial District to the west.

In keeping with the ideal of establishing a new and positive lifestyle hub for the city, the Qian Tan development has been designed with sustainability in mind. The pedestrian friendly design incorporates an abundance of green spaces and is an example of responsible practice.


21st Century business location

Spanning 15,000m2, the partially external podium will feature outdoor spaces, decked pedestrian walkways, verdant planting, retail outlets and al fresco dining to offer a multi-level recreational oasis for office workers, visitors and nearby residents. An open plaza network has been designed to deliver all ample public outdoor space and a variety of areas to relax and unwind during lunch breaks and after work.

Rooftop gardens and terraces will bring life to the development and serve as further opportunities to blend the commercial centre with the environment.

Supporting the pedestrian-centric design, a bridge has been introduced on the second level to connect the office towers, allowing people to move quickly and easily around. The bridge will be surrounded by glass windows and overlook the terraced podium beneath, reinforcing the visual connection with the vibrant heart of the scheme. Another connecting bridge will be located below ground on the car-parking level to improve accessibility.

Complementing the glass and steel structure of the office towers, the interior office spaces will feature high ceilings, standing at 1.3m.

At the podium level, a variety of materials have been used to bring diversity to the spaces. Ceramic plates, metal sheets and glass curtain walls help showcase the evolving architectural language.

Environmental design

Qian Tan Office Park will incorporate numerous sustainable design features; frit glazing and low-E films are being used on the south and west facing elevations to reduce the exposure to the sun.

Radiant piping systems, chilled water beams and fluorescent lighting fixtures aim to maximise both the performance and the comfort of the buildings.